• UL 723 Classified

    The purpose of the test is to determine the relative performance of the test material under standardized fire exposure. Results are given for Flame Spread and Smoke Developed Index. The values obtained from burning the test material represent a comparison with that of 1/4" inorganic reinforced cement board expressed as zero and red oak flooring expressed as 100.


    The flame spread results of 25-foot tunnel tests are frequently used by building code officials and regulatory agencies in the acceptance of interior finish material for various applications. The most widely accepted classification system is epitomized by the National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code, NFPA 101:

    Class A*0 - 25 flame spread0-450 smoke developed
    Class B*26 - 75 flame spread0-450 smoke developed
    Class C*76 - 200 flame spread0-450 smoke developed
    *Class A, Band C correspond to I, II and III, respectively, in other codes such as UBC and BOCA.


    This flame spread classification system is based on the premise that the higher the flame spread numbers, the greater the fire spread potential. The actual relationship between the numbers developed under this test and life safety from fire has not been adequately established.

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